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How to make a Vauxhall car key Sunderland

If you need a Vauxhall car key in Sunderland call us, otherwise read on to learn how to make one yourself!

When making vauxhall car keys you will find they have 2 main types of key blades. The older vehicles tend to be on a HU46 and the newer vehicles tend to be on a HU100 there is a new ten cut coming out in 2015 the HU100 ten cut, but I haven't seen a car with this lock on yet.

The locks and their differences

The HU46 - this lock is found on most older Vauxhall cars and it is a double edged key meaning it has a jagged edge on both sides. In the door you will find 7 cuts and in the ignition there is ten cuts so it is customary to pick the door lock, code it then put that code into Instacode and it will give you the remaining cuts. However at the time of writing this there has just been released a HU46 ten cut 3in1 Lishi pick available from Tradelocks which will enable you to pick and decode the ignition lock. On this type of vehicle using a AD100 (or MVP pro) or the Zedfull you can usually pull the mechanical key code from the car. This is done by turning on the hazard lights then pulling the pin code, then reading the mechanical key code. In some cases this does not work, however picking the ignition and turning it to the 2 position will enable this process 100% of the time.

The HU100 - this lock has 8 cuts in the lock and the same number in the ignition, however the ignition can not be picked without using the HU100 Lishi 3in1 as the entry way is a little narrower than the normal HU100 door lock. When coding this lock you can code the door or ignition, however it is not always necessary as you can pull the manual key code from most vauxhalls using the above technique.

The transponder chips

With vauxhalls you will find a few different types of transponder chips. The new vehicle have ID46 chips made from PCF7936 and the older ones tend to use the ID40 opel chip made from a PCF7935 and on many of the newer Astra's, Corsa's, Insignia's etc etc need an original Vauxhall remote control to work and therefore can't be programmed with a standard none remote key. If you are using the Zedfull then it has an option on it where you can make a special transponder chip for a Corsa D or an Antara, as far as I am aware this is the only way you can make a standard key for a newer Vauxhall when all keys are lost and it only works on the Corsa D and Antara. here you will find the transponder chip for the vehicle your on Transponder Chips

Programming the key

With the Zedfull and the AD100 programming Vauxhalls is very easy, some of them have a ten or 15 minute wait when programming but other than that you can simply plug in the programmer and follow the onscreen instructions once you have the blade cut and the correct transponder in or the correct remote attached. When using the AD100 you need to write down the immo code then disconnect the tester and re connect it to the car and start the key programming process with the Zedfull it remembers the code and then you just click continue and the process completes itself. When using the AD100 you will ned to use dongles and a calculator, however there is a product called the smart dongle used to replace the dongles and calculator and there is also a new product called the smart aerial which does the pre coding (this will be explained on VW tab).

Programming the remote on cars in Sunderland

On some older vehicles like the corsa C you program the remote diagnostically when connected to the vehicles OBD you will see the option to program the remote, just click it and you will be instructed to press the button on the remote control. You can use KeyDiy on older Vauxhall but it is not as reliable on the newer ones yet. If you are programming a remote for the newer vehicle like Astra H, Corsa D, etc etc then the remote will program automatically when you are programming the key into the vehicle.

We hope this helps when you need to program a Vauxhall car key or make one from scratch anywhere in Sunderland, unless you need an auto locksmith in Sunderland to come and make you a car key at the side of the road, then please call and we will have a professional auto locksmith with you as quickly as possible.

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