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How to make a Ford car key Newry

We can make you a new ford car key in Newry or we can tell you how if you read this page!

Making a ford car key is very simple and the usual starting point for any auto locksmith wanting to enter the industry in Newry.

With Ford cars there are 2 main types or key blades the HU101 which is found on a lot of modern ford vehicle and the Tibbie key which can be found on most commercial vehicles and many older ford cars. There are also a few other Ford's with different keys and dashboards like the Ford Ranger and the Ford Galaxy, however we will concentrate on the more common vehicles here, as this is a beginners instruction page.

The Locks and their differences

The HU101 - This lock is a blade type key and is vey long and thin. Because of this the lock needs very light tension when picking it with a Lishi 2in1 pick and decoder. There are ten pins found in the door lock and also in the ignition lock, which means you can pick both the door or the ignition when coding it for the key. This lock has all 10 pins in the lock so there is no need to use Instacode when decoding the lock, however it is recommended to save you cutting the wrong code of key by mistake.

The Tibbie - This is a disc lock and there are two main picks you can use for it. The safe ventures pick which is harder to use at first but very accurate when coding the lock discs, or the Tibbie pick which makes this the easiest lock of all vehicle locks to open but is not as accurate when coding it. You can also get a make up key from Tradelocks to avoid cutting the incorrect key code. This lock has 6 discs and again the door and ignition is the same, however I would not recommend picking the ignition as the dust cover will prevent the pick from being removed after use. This lock also has marks on the wafers which are explained in more detail in the Lishi manual from Tradelocks.

Once you have coded the lock and cut the key for the ford vehicle in Newry you can next move onto what transponder chip to use.

The Transponder Chip

There are 3 main chips for Ford you will need when making keys for Ford vehicles- The 4c glass chip & very rarely carbon, The 4d 60 glass chip and the id63 80 bit chip which will do both 40 & 80 bit cars. None of the Ford chips lock to one car so they can be used on another car and for this reason second hand chips should be saved for clients on a budget. To find out what chip you need go to Easy Car Keys

Once you have selected the correct transponder chip then you need to choose the best programmer to make the key. The ford car system works on an incode / outcode system unlike most other vehicle manufacturers where you need a security code to program the key. Because of this system you will never see the pincode and you wont have to input it manually, but when using a cheap programmer you may need an incode / outcode calculator. I would recommend using either the AD100 pro (or MVP pro)from Advanced Diagnostics or the Zedfull both of these devices have there pluses and minuses when compared with each other, however they are both brilliant programmers and can be purchased from Hickleys in Taunton.

Once you have put the key and transponder together you need to find the vehicle OBD and plug in the programmer on fords there is no pulling of pincodes or anything if you use one of the above programmers so all you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions to program the key and get the persons Ford vehicle back on the Newry roads.

The remote control & programming it

Most fords have two main remotes the black 3 button oval shaped remote and the blue 3 button oval shaped remote which is on most Transits from 2007. You can also use KeyDiy remotes on almost all fords that don't use the blue transit remote. The best place to get KeyDiy remotes is probably Hickleys as they have the most up to date list of cars you can use these remotes on on their website completely free of charge.

The program a ford remote you simply put the key into the ignition and turn the ignition on and off a number of times quickly. Some vehicles you turn on 4 times, some others you turn on and off 10 times, I just usually start at 4 and wait to hear a the beep from the vehicle. So you turn the ignition on and of 4 times and you hear a chime, you then press the lock button on the remote and you will hear a noise or the locks will cycle. After this you simply start the vehicle then turn it off and the remote will work. On some fords all the doors need to be closed when programming the remote.

If you can't do this and would like one of out expert auto locksmiths in